About Toffolo

Antonietta Toffolo is the driving force behind Toffolo International Relations. She has been raised tri-lingual, she is a translator and interpreter of several languages, is sworn in the Italian language and has lived in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. Antonietta has a good sense of cultural manners in both the private as well as the business area. She is very familiarized with the above-mentioned countries.

After having also acquired knowledge and experience in the international business environment and with authorities at several levels in the field of Marketing/Communications/Relation Management and Public Relations for about 20 years, she now combines background, expertise and knowledge to translate and implement customer’s wishes into (project) propositions. By delivering tailor-made solutions keyed to the customer’s requirements and possibilities, Antonietta wants to promote the economical and cultural relations between the countries In addition she can count on a wide international network.

She is well disposed towards Italy and Spain and she likes to ‘transmit’ this passion to others. Private individuals can also count on her support.

She is member of amongst others:


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'Just speaking the language is not enough'
Antonietta Toffolo