Clients/Target Groups

In order to build good business relationships with companies in other countries, it is essential to realize that the ‘other party’ often thinks and acts from a completely different background than we do. Good knowledge of the language and the culture combined with respect for their business etiquette, in other words, Cultural Awareness, is proven to be essential.

Other languages, different customs and habits…. often obstacles that can hamper good communication and cooperation. Toffolo helps you to bridge these obstacles and barriers thus restoring, building or optimizing your international business contacts. With Toffolo’s support you can present your company abroad in a professional way or you can get in touch with that important matter/business partner/prospect.


All persons who interact with different cultures, be it business wise or due to travelling or residing abroad, such as:
-Sales / Purchase Dept.
-Marketing Communication
-Expats / partner

Non profit / Authorities

All persons / departments with international contacts, amongst others:
-Dept. of Internationalisation
-Students for traineeships and study tours abroad
- Expats and partner


Private individuals

Everyone who in one way or another interacts with other cultures either business wise or privately.

More info

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‘Just speaking the language is not enough’
Antonietta Toffolo