Language Courses

For several years now, Toffolo International Relations has provided tailor-made language solutions for a wide variety of individuals and groups. Toffolo listens to your needs and then, in consultation with you, prepares the most effective and relevant course.

Language Courses offered are:
Italian, Spanish, English and Dutch
(other languages available on demand).

The language courses are in The Netherlands and in Italy.
(language courses in other countries are also possible)


Dutch as 2nd language - Dutch for foreigners

Toffolo offers courses Dutch as second Language for everybody who wants to learn Dutch. The programme offers several levels. As from the first level the principals of understanding, reading, writing and talking in Dutch are taught and at the following levels these skills are developed further.

Toffolo provides language training for personal and/or professional needs. Since each individual has their own requirements and goals, we will discuss these with you and come up with the best language training solution for your needs. This will take into account your wishes, your time availability, your level and budget.

For more information or to register you can fill out the contact form or call Toffolo on +31 (0)6 51543454.




Added value

The added value of Toffolo International Relations is:
Tailor-made services and personal attention.


To God I speak Spanish
To women I speak Italian
To men I speak French and
To my horse I speak German
Charles V (Charles I of Spain)