Translation and Interpreting Services

In The Netherlands in general everything is structured and regulated, many people speak English. When doing business in the Southern part of Europe personal contacts and relations are very important. In Spain and in Italy the command of a foreign language cannot always be taken for granted. Furthermore, in order to conclude your international negotiations or meeting successfully, it is not only important to have ample knowledge of the language and culture, but it is essential to understand and interpret even the slightest non-verbal communication of the ‘other party’.

Do you need translation or interpreting assistance during your business meeting?
Are you looking for someone to do your business presentation in Spanish or Italian?
How can you avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding?

Toffolo International Relations assists and supports you during your business meetings and can inform you on the business culture.

Language Support Services

The language support services of Toffolo International Relations are all tailor-made and include:

  • Language courses (Dutch, Italian and Spanish/various levels, other languages on demand);

  • Translation services (Dutch/English/Italian and Spanish, all combinations, sworn in Italian, other languages on demand);

  • Interpreting services (Dutch/English/Italian and Spanish, all combinations, other languages on demand); 

  • (Business) Presentations in various languages;

  • Organizing, promoting and practical support of international events, visit programmes and business trips

Fields of Translation Services

The translation of official documents demands more specific knowledge of the language than used in business meetings or used as a tourist. Toffolo offers Translation Services in various fields such as:

  • websites

  • technical texts and documents

  • commercial texts and documents

  • medical texts and documents

  • legal texts and documents

  • general texts and documents

in four European languages vice versa (Dutch/English/Italian and Spanish) Italian also sworn, other languages available on demand.

For further information or a free consultation, please contact Toffolo.


Just speaking the language is not enough!