The composition of our society changes at a quick rate. Not only in our neighbourhoods, but also in schools people of all ages and cultures have to live and learn together. The meaning of the word “culture” is becoming increasingly important in companies and authorities who do business with foreign markets or with employees from different cultures.

The Consultancy and Support Services of Toffolo are all tailor-made and include:

  • Intercultural Consultancy and Support

  • Practical Support and Mediation

  • International Communication and Relation Management

  • Expat Consultancy and Support

  • Organizing, Promoting and Practical Support of international events, trade fairs/exhibitions, visit programmes and business trips

  • For Language Support and Training click here 

To achieve your international goals, it is essential to have good knowledge of the local markets, the laws and rules, the business etiquette and the culture. Read more>>


‘Treating people with respect will gain one wide acceptance and will improve the business’
Tao Zhu Gong, 500 B.C. Assistant to theEmprero or Yue (2nd business principle)