Toffolo International Relations gives you more insight into other cultures, assists you and offers practical support in identifying appropriate contacts and helps you in accessing and establishing a foothold in foreign markets.

2nd Home

Thinking of buying a house in Spain or Italy? The Spanish and Italian property markets are a thriving, but complex, sector and more and more non-residents are taking advantage of low interest rates and reasonable house prices in Spain and Italy.

However, it is extremely important to consider all the possible pitfalls involved in purchasing property in Spain and Italy.
Toffolo is designed to help you to do so.


Expat Services

Personal services for expatriates in Italy and Spain (other countries on demand) If you are planning to go to Italy or Spain or if you are already living there, you may find yourself faced with a number of administrative, cultural or general problems. Toffolo International Relations offers professional multilingual services and personal assistance in various fields, such as general services, consulting, tourism, law or insurance and practical support. With many years of experience in the Mediterranean area Toffolo is able to advise you and guide you quickly and efficiently. Toffolo provides a personal service and finds the effective solutions to any difficulties that may arise.

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